Our Writers


Our Writers

Numerous writing services operating in the industry nowadays, we are acknowledged as the one that has a professional working staff composed of exceptionally native English American writers. Particularly this feature of ours makes us differ from the rest. Unlike great many writing agencies that intend to benefit on the writing staff hiring foreign writers, we have composed a professional team of native English writers. They are specialists of different education spheres with different degrees. We even have writers with Masters and Doctoral degrees to fit our professional level students’ orders. That is why we are entirely confident in the services we offer. No matter on what year you are studying or what subject you have been assigned to perform a paper on, we always have the perfect fit for you.

Who Are Our Paper Writing Service Writers?

Do you have a question “Who are your writers”? If yes, we have a thoroughly decent answer to it. Our writers are all professional alumni of UK and USA reputable universities. They are all freelancers and have primary jobs as teachers, lecturers and professors all across the States and Kingdom. Being skilled veterans of the trade, they know well what content and writing style an academic paper must have to be considered as successful. All of our writers have worked for our custom paper writing service for many years having a solid record of completing various essays, research papers, term papers, dissertations, theses, etc. The greatest part of our writers are young, passionate toward their careers and full of energy to implement thousands of papers in future.

How We Find Our Writers

As it was already mentioned above, all our writers are freelancers working for different writing services. We have found our writers through blogs, job boards and different recruiting websites. The reason why the best writers of the industry decide to work with us is the feeling they are appreciated by us. We always pay them on time and treat respectively providing them with constant orders. In return, they are willing to write their best thus attracting more and more customers!

Nevertheless, before employing a writer he/she has to pass a special training process. Our meticulous training program makes it clear which writer can fulfill really quality works and which can not. All the online examinations intend to check a writer for thorough competency. So, before a writer becomes a member of our large paper writing family we implement five processes:

1. Hiring

First of all we screen the resume received and in case all the data coincide with what we need, we contact the writer on the phone to interview and find out whether he/she is as pleasant to speak to as is his/her resume to read.

2. Sample Paper

After the writer is hired we provide him/her with a certain assignment to find out whether the quality content can be produced on demand. If the writer is authentic enough and manages to write a worthy paper adhering to all our demands, then he/she is ready to pass to the training process.

3. Training Process

The training process intends to help newly hired writers get acquainted with the materials and data related to academic writing. Only after they pass their online exams and get certifications, writers can get an access to the online portal of our company and have a look at orders available.

4. Intro Period

This period has an intention to let writers practice on real orders. They can take one or two orders and improve their writing style by fulfilling them.

5. Training Complete

After the intro period is passed successfully and we get assured the newly hired writer can be trusted, we let him/her continue working on the website and take other orders.

Even though the entire hiring process is somewhat rigorous and time consuming, it really helps us employ exclusively professional writers thus ensuring our reputation and quality of works we provide. Certainly there are plenty of foreign writers applying to get a place under our “roof”, but all applications with no exceptions are politely turned down. The mere fact they are not English native writers is enough not to fit our requirements. Accordingly, never doubt in the competency and coherence of our writers, they have all passed through harsh checking to be entrusted your orders!

According to different customers’ needs, we pass your orders to appropriate writers. For instance, we have certain writers who are very quick in producing various short papers. If the customer is extremely short on time and has as little as a couple of hours to hand in the essay, he or she can trust one of our “urgent” writers. On the other hand, we have also writers who are writing slowly yet with every minor detail considered. They appear more skilled when it comes to specialty topics, hence, can undertake Master’s or PhD dissertations and implement really amazing writings in a couple of months.

As a conclusion let us remind you that in case you intend to entrust your paper to another writing service, do remember that not all services are ready to go an extra mile just to hire highly motivated and talented staff of writers while We Do!